About US

Chronicles VR is a virtual reality design studio, that also offer augmented reality as well. All of us at ChroniclesVR have experiences with creating and installations of public projects, designed to enhance the physical experience through the responsible application of cutting edge technologies.

Working with cutting edge technologies Chronicles VR is able to go further than ever in creating user driven storytelling. The technologies and techniques we use enable us to achieve this as they immerse the user into a scene. Having a virtual world appear around you allows for a unique experience every time as the viewer is free to explore their surroundings being no longer confined by a single camera view. These experiences are made even more meaningful when curated as part of a larger physical instillation, exhibit or theme and thus we are always willing to collaborate with the right partners.

We work with industry leading hardware developers all of whom are creating headsets that each have their own unique benefits allowing them to be implemented in a variety of relevant ways.

Some of Our Tools

Samsung’s Gear VR – in many ways the most well rounded and accessible virtual reality experience that is operated via a Sumsung mobile phone and an inexpensive headset, available for implementation as of November 2015.
Google – Google cardboard is an inexpensive headset that relies upon the public’s own mobile phone and the creation of a mobile app.
The Oculus Rift – the company that initiated the resurgence of VR now owned by Facebook.
The HTC Vive – A headset created by the notable phone manufacturer that allows for room scale walkabouts in virtual reality. - Their commercial headset is due for release in February of 2016.
PlayStation VR – This headset created by the acclaimed game console manufacturer

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